Imagination Machine Works Ltd.


IMW can help you with the detailed design of your new or existing products.
Working with your ideas and visions, IMW will create a design that fully meets your expectations.

Matching design with affordable manufacturability is one of our core strengths.
Considerations for sales growth, product life, product evolution are all considered during the design phase.


Once we have a product design, the next step in the process is to build a functioning prototype of the product. These prototypes will be used for  proving design function, fit, ergonomics,  and overall appearances.

Prototypes can be made from production materials , with production tolerances and finishes if desired.


Most designs require further development after the prototypes have been built and tested.
This is where the rubber meets the road. Development of the initial design is a critical step in achieving a solid, reliable, functional, attractive and profitable solution.


IMW partners with multiple organizations that utilize the latest technologies for manufacturing your products.
Manufacturing can be conducted on or off-shore, or a combination of both.

CNC Material Processing
Casting and Forging
Injection Molding
3D Plastic/Metal Printing


You have existing processes that you want to automate.
IMW is happy to discuss your requirements to see if there is an equitable solution that can be applied to your challenge.